Join Us For St. Matthias School’s 2nd Annual Corn Hole Tournament!

Come Out and Play Some Cornhole !!!
Saturday, October 1st, 12:00-4:00 pm!!!

Join us in the Saint Matthias School Parking Lot for our school’s Second Annual Corn Hole Tournament!
Open to all SMS school families, parish families, and friends!!
Invite others, the more teams the better!



2 adults per team, double elimination.
$25.00 per adult team (21 & up)
$10.00 per children team (8-20)
2 children per team ( we can pair children up according to their age)
Grand Prize to be awarded to 1st place team 21-up
Prize to be awarded to 1st place team age 14-20
Dress Down Day Passes, free lunch & free lunchtime ice cream tickets awarded to 1st place children’s team age 8-1 3
Bring your own coolers with drinks...please no glass bottles.
Hot Dog Truck and ice cream truck will be on site!
To sign up please click here

Please use the QR code below to make a payment, or checks payable to Saint Matthias School HSA
*Cash accepted day of event.

ALL Proceeds will go directly to SMS!
Let’s have a few hours of fun while we support our wonderful school!!

Volunteers Needed for the 60th Anniversary Picnic This Sunday!


Sunday, September 18th, 2022

1 PM- 4 PM

Behind the School Building

Hamburgers and Hotdogs Provided

Bring your own drinks or other food items.

Bring an extra chair! 🙂



If you are able to help volunteer please click here to sign up. 

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Dear Friends,

Just a week ago, we had the funeral of Marion Fischer who was the librarian for St. Matthias School for 45 years. She and her husband Francis “Frank” Fischer were among the founders of our parish. She passed on her faith to her children and grandchildren by her example of living the faith and participating both in the church ministries and community activities. Her family said that she would not be deterred by the most dire weather conditions from attending Sunday Mass! May she rest in peace. As we mourn the passing away of this vibrant disciple of Jesus, and become aware of the decreasing number of the founding members of our parish, we need to ask ourselves this important question: how seriously are we taking on the mantle of these pioneers in living and passing on our faith?

Today is national Catechetical Sunday – a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. This year’s theme for the Catechetical Sunday is: “This is my body given for you” (Luke 22:19). We have heard so many times that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. The term “Eucharist” originates from the Greek word eucharistia, meaning thanksgiving. In the celebration of the Eucharist, bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and the instrumentality of the priest. The whole Christ is truly present — body, blood, soul, and divinity — under the appearances of bread and wine, the glorified Christ who rose from the dead. This is what the Church means when she speaks of the “Real Presence” of Christ in the Eucharist.

Catechists are the ones who are teaching this and other truths about our faith to our children who attend our religious education/GIFT and sacramental preparation programs. We, here at St. Matthias, are blessed with wonderful women and men who give their time and energy as Catechists. We are very grateful to them. Today at all the Masses you will hear some of them speak to us about their passion as Catechists. I hope their testimony will inspire some of you to volunteer as Catechists. Being part of St. Matthias is life-giving as is the experience of so many – including Marion Fischer who, in the words of her children, “found her strength in her work among the children.”

Learning of our faith is not to be relegated only to children. We all need this learning. Don’t we all have many doubts about what we believe and practice? That is why we all need to choose something intentionally from the opportunities our parish offers. We are preparing to begin the RCIA sessions and the Fall Into Faith small faith sharing groups. These are excellent ways to learn more about the Word of God and our faith in a setting where we have ample time and freedom to clarify many of our questions on faith matters. I invite us all to consider this seriously and make a decision in the coming weeks as you will be hearing more about these two programs.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Abraham Orapankal

Parish Survey To Determine Parish Needs – Please Participate!

The Parish Pastoral & Finance Councils, and other parishioners have suggested that we use this year of the 60th Anniversary of our parish to do some renovation of our church that is long overdue. Many ideas are suggested. But the Councils felt since we cannot hope for all the suggested projects to be implemented immediately without enough funds, we should ask the whole parish for your input to see what you think should be the priorities. Hence this short and easy Google survey. The answers to the survey are completely anonymous.  None of your personal information is collected.

The suggested needs/projects are: refurbishing the pews, new floors throughout the Church, bathrooms, narthex (gathering area), deep clean and brighten the walls, replace windows with stain glass.

Please participate, your voice matters.

To take the Parish Survey please click here.

Sixth Sunday of Easter


Dear Friends,

Biblically, Ascension took place 40 days after the Resurrection and so the actual Ascension Day falls on a Thursday – which is what we used to celebrate every year. Recently the bishops of New Jersey met and after discussing the pros and cons of this practice have discerned that the Solemnity of the Ascension be permanently transferred from Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter to the following Sunday. The bishops’ discernment included a great desire for more of the faithful to participate in this integral dimension of the completion of Our Lord’s paschal mystery by the Ascension observed on a Sunday – which will be next Sunday.

This year, Thursday, May 26 will be observed as Thursday of the Sixth week of Easter and the Memorial of St. Philip Neri (1515-1595) who is known as the founder of the Congregation of the Oratory. We have Oratorian priests and brothers in our diocese and so it is their feast in a special way. As a layman, Philip spent several years in Rome performing all kinds of good works – especially in ministering to the sick, in catechizing the youth, and in providing for pilgrims. Under constant advice and persuasion from his spiritual director, he decided to be a priest and was ordained in 1551. He was almost 36 years old, a “delayed vocation” in the extreme by the standards of the day, but without the least difference in priestly zeal and vigor.

St. Philip Neri is commonly known as the “patron saint of joy,” and the “humorous saint.” He wasn’t exactly a comedian, but he did enjoy poking fun at himself, using humor to maintain his humility. For example, according to author Shaun McAfee, “Neri was known to show up to important events with half his beard shaved, give incorrect walking directions to his disciples, read a book of jokes … When he did each of these things he caused a mix of emotions in others, but it always ended up producing the same end state: increased humility, and increased patience.” St. Philip Neri hung this sign on his door: “The House of Christian Mirth.” He used to say: “A heart filled with joy is more easily made perfect than one that is sad.”

Holiness is related to humor. That is why many saints laughed at themselves; they knew that this earthly life is only a stop on our journey to heaven and so to take this world seriously is utter foolishness. Bishop Sheen once said, “A divine sense of humor belongs to poets and saints because they have been richly endowed with a sense of the invisible, and can look out upon the same phenomena that other mortals take seriously and see in them something of the divine.”

This is what Pope Francis has been reminding us when he said, to be a Christian doesn’t mean being “gloomy-faced,” but being filled with a levity of heart that recognizes the beauty and joy of Christian life. Humor in the right context can be a good thing, and even a pathway to holiness. St. Philip Neri practiced it. His joyful spirit was one of the reasons why many were attracted to him. They saw the joy he had and wanted to know the source of that joy. They realized that the source was Jesus who said: “I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you” (John 16:22).

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Abraham Orapankal

St. Matthias School & Parish YARD SALE

St. Matthias School & Parish YARD SALE

St. Matthias School and Parish will be hosting a huge multi-family yard sale on Saturday, April 30th, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm in the rear school parking lot located at 170 John F. Kennedy Blvd. in Somerset. Rain or Shine. Hot Dog and Ice Cream Food Trucks will be on the premises. Raffle tickets will be available, and the winner need not be present to win.

Many school families and parishioners will be selling items during the event. In addition, the School will be selling older tech equipment that we no longer have use or space for, at bargain prices: Apple iPads (4th gen), Hitachi projectors, Dell 22 in LCD monitors, Dell monochrome Laser Printers, and other computer accessories and freebies. All items are out-of-warranty but in working condition, and priced to sell ($20 to $40).

Help support our school and community by attending this fun event and by spreading the word to family, friends, and social media accounts.  Thank you for your support.

Early Stage Support Group Series for People Living With Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association and St. Matthias Catholic Church are co-hosting an Early Stage Support Group series for people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and their care partners. The group will meet Wednesday, May 11th from 2pm-3:30pm in the dePorres room in the Parish Office. We are also offering a Zoom link for those who cannot attend face to face. Registration is required. To register, call 800-272-3900. The Alzheimer’s Support Group meets every second Wednesday of the month!

The Group provides a safe and supportive environment and offers dementia-related education, emotional support and connections with resources so that the group members may enhance their lives in the midst of the journey.

Alzheimer’s Association support groups provide emotional, educational and social support through regularly scheduled meetings where strict confidentiality is maintained. Support groups help participants develop coping methods and encourage the maintenance of their personal, physical and emotional health, as well as optimal care for the person living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Early-Stage groups offer social, educational and/or support components and are facilitated by trained volunteers. For more information visit

Reserve your spot today for the St. Matthias School & Parish YARD SALE

Declutter your home Recycle usable items Sell or find a bargain Earn extra cash Help the school raise funds!

You can do all of the above by reserving space at our upcoming yard sale. Parishioners and school families are welcome to participate. Simply fill out the registration form below and remit it along with your check to the school by April 18th. You can either send it to the school’s main office, or you can mail it to St. Matthias School, 170 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Somerset, NJ 08873. Checks should be made payable to “St. Matthias School.” All sellers will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up their rental spaces.

The yard sale will take place on Saturday, April 30th, from 10 to 2 p.m. Set-up time for sellers will be from 8 to 9:30 a.m. in the rear parking lot of the school. Click here to register or go to and click on the Yard Sale banner on first page. That will give you the registration form; just print, fill out & turn in to the school office with your check.

NJ Youth Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure

The Diocese of Metuchen’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is excited to share that the 2022 New Jersey Youth Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2022! The cost for the day is $55 per person ($25 for season ticket holders) and includes advance entry into the park, a FREE return ticket to Park, a 3-hour all-you-can-eat buffet, Mass, the Opening Ceremony, and a Free Parking Pass. Open to all Jr. High, High School & Young Adult Ministry, Scouting, Parish/School Athletic Programs, families, and all.

To purchase your tickets please visit the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry page on Diocesan Website and register before the May 6th deadline.

Questions? Please email